11. juli 2010

samle :: connect

{ the sunday creative :: july 11-17 }

shell circle :: skjell i sirkel #1

At the moment I'm first week into the e-course "from bija to bloom" by The Sunday Creativeemily perry at the wishstudio. Yesterday I used these photos when I told about my morning walk and briefly mentioned the class. But the story (and the photos) really called out to me for this sunday creative.

At the end of the creativity boot camp, maegan wrote:

Because it is so important to me that each and every one of you continue on this journey that you have only begun, today I would like you to think about how you can continue to nurture your creative self every day.

As this class was gifted to me, it felt as someone held out a hand and offered to be me my guide on this journey of nurturing my creative self. All I want from this class right now is to reconnect with some parts of my old self, but also find a better connection to my dreams for the future.

This e-course is designed to center our hearts and minds energetically so that our creative voices may be heard and we can begin to blossom!

After doing some ground work and serious thinking (on paper for me), we were to connect with the class' intentions and "step into the mandala".

It was a lovely morning at the beach. I found many sea shells, drew a circle in the sand and decorated it.

It felt special stepping into the mandala, the circle, welcoming the e-course and its challenges for the next four weeks. I've often started a new page in my journal when attending a class/ course/ study, but I have never done it so physically before.

sea shells :: skjell sea water :: vassing

  emily perry studios from bija to bloom shell circle :: skjell i sirkel #3

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8 kommentarer:

  1. I love how the sea connects all the continents together.

  2. So beautiful...we must love each other and our ocean. I feel as if my feet were there :)

  3. beautiful pictures.

  4. Just gorgeous... I adore the beach, it's my favorite place to reconnect :)

  5. oh, this makes me long for the ocean and sand under my feet! lovely.

  6. Anonym8:19 p.m.

    BEautiful way to show connected.

  7. Lykke til på kurs-veien videre!

    Bildene dine er alltid annerledes. Tankefulle og gåtefulle, morsomme og triste.

    Vannet du går i der sør kan en gang i tiden ha skvulpet under brygga her nord. Når sommeren kommer skal jeg også prøve å ha tærne i vannet. Nå er det samme temp over og under vann, sånn cirka 11 grader, brrr.
    Sommerklem :-)

  8. Great interpretation and images! Good luck in your new course!